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Social media has an important role to play in every business marketing strategy today, so if you haven’t already, you need to start setting up your profiles!

But with so many different social media platforms to choose from it can be difficult knowing which you will get the most out of using. ....[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 09/01/2015


With the help of a web designer, setting up a professional business website is pretty straightforward but getting it noticed, well that’s a whole other story! Unfortunately small businesses not only have to compete with businesses of the same size online, but the big players in their industry too. ....[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 31/05/2014


Despite Google’s usual stance of repeatedly stating that “nothing is happening” and “no updates are planned….honest” There were a lot of signs from the beginning of this month of some major changes to algorithms were happening and that unconfirmed reports of major changes in the Google search results and rankings were planned....[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 31/05/2014


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